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Great American Sentence #1

Honorable Mention 1 of 2 – Easy Street Magazine’s “Great American Sentence Contest”

The rest of the overflowing rows in her greenhouse were fragrant and hale – broad butter lettuce leaves, chlorophyll carrot tops, indestructible daisies – but the epidendrum porpax was dead, and as Scarlet cupped her hands around the molded dirt that held the tiny plant’s useless roots, she mourned yet another failure to nurture something beautiful, to protect something fragile.

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Great American Sentence #2

Honorable Mention 2 of 2 – Easy Street Magazine’s “Great American Sentence Contest”

The uneven landscape of tenement roofs – bristling with antennas, pipes, and laundry lines – spread for miles in front of them like a whole other city, adding another layer of life in the space between street and sky, and perhaps providing lost souls one last, unlikely chance for redemption before they either fell further from heaven or clawed their way up into the clouds.

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Oneida Nation

My Young Adult Novel, Laskʌn, takes place on the Oneida Nation reservation in Wisconsin. Learn more about my tribe here.

The Good Mind

The heartfelt encouragement of the best in each of us

Compassion, caring, identity, and joy of being

The openness of the good spirit and mind

The strength of belief and vision as a People

The use of the good words about ourselves, our Nation, and our future

Our Family and our Nation

Our fire, our spirit within each one of us