2016 – Finalist, Great American Sentence contest, Easy Street Magazine

Honorable Mention #1

Honorable Mention #2

2014 – Winner, Sandy Contest, Romance Category, Crested Butte Writers

2012 – Finalist, Marlene Contest, YA Category, Washington Romance Writers

2012 – Winner, Secret Agent Contest, Miss Snark’s First Victim Blog, July

2009 – Winner, Colorado Gold Contest, Adventure Category, RMFW

Good Words

“You have a knack for dialogue. Your dialogue comes across as natural and is also loaded at the times you want it to be.”

Quality writing

“I very much like the way you write. Your writing has a lovely relaxed feel to it and at the same time is filled with conflict.”

“I’m crying this is so beautiful. All the twists and turns are fabulous. I LOVE spiritual, metaphysical, paranormal stories and I’m cheering you on. Great job.”

 “Just gave me goosebumps.”

“Fabulous. This makes me want to turn the page.”

“I’m hooked.”

Your dialogue, your descriptions, and narrative are all amazing.”

“This is perfect and I hope it gets published. Truly beautiful writing.”

“This manuscript is unbelievably fresh, but it’s mostly the flawed characters that stand out.”

“The characterization is SO strong, as is the world building.”

“I think this would be a great YA book and the writer has a terrific voice.”

The plot just went from ordinary to extraordinary. I would also say that this moves it from slush pile to sold. Wonderful!”

“IMHO, it is not a question of if this manuscript will sell, it is more of a question of how big a hit it will be.”

“There is something compelling about the way you write. It’s hard to put my finger on what that is – just keep doing it!”

“The descriptions are delicious and vivid.”

Photo by Lynn Clark Photography